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» » Where Is Home, Little Pip?
Where Is Home, Little Pip?


Karma Wilson


Where Is Home, Little Pip?


Children's Books

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Margaret K. McElderry Books (September 23, 2008)







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Where Is Home, Little Pip? by Karma Wilson

For Little Pip, the baby penguin, home is a pebbly nest on the cold Antartic shore. Mama and Papa always reminds Pip not to wander far, and she never does...until one day a black, glittery feather leads Pip on a chase far, far from home. As she tries to find her way back to her parents, Pip encounters some friendly animals, a mighty blue whale, a gull, and even a sled dog. But while these animals know where their home is, they do not know where Pip's home is. In her sadness, Pip begins to sing a song about home that her parents taught her, and the sound of her voice guides her parents straight to her!
Got this book originally for free from inside a Cheerio box. We read it and loved it until it could no longer be stapled or taped together anymore. So I purchased a copy here on Amazon. This book will be one our family never gets rid of. We enjoy it very much. Home is where we are.
Knights from Bernin
Such a cute book! My classmates and I had to perform a play based on a children's book, and this was our choice. The songs are beautiful, as is the theme of the book. A great read for children and adults alike!
I work for Washington University and this is one of the books in our MYSci Curriculum. It is such a great book, that I also sent it to my niece and nephew for Christmas present.
Cute little book! We read this all the time. Love Karma Wilson written books:). There is a lesson in each one!
Great book. Condition is as described. Very happy
New book for the K4 class.
This is an excellent book. It would be good for a penguin theme in your classroom. I highly recommend this book to others.
This should be the first book in the Little Pip series. This book will introduce a child to Little Pip. It is easy to read to a toddler, and the toddler can understand the story. The pictures are large and easy to follow while a parent reads the story. This book can be used to help a child start to read.

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