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Mouse Soup


Arnold Lobel


Mouse Soup


Children's Books

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Scholastic Book Service (November 1, 1991)







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Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel

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Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel
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Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel
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Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel
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No missing pages, Water Damage, or stains. Spine shows creasing. This is a readable copy.
Arnold Lobel ranks right up there with Dorothy Parker for one-liners and I am so pleased that kids have this range of books to displace all the inferior offerings out there on the shelves. 3 year old loves it, always laughs when I explain the moral at the end of each story and waits with bated breath for the punchline. 1 year old loves the drawings. The perfect package for witty babies.
Fables is a book of a bunch of one page stories with a moral at the end. The stories are very real life, and at the end of most of them I find myself thinking, "too true". It has great variety and I really enjoy reading Fables with my boys. The morals are very basic, but I think may still be lost on younger ages. My oldest is 5 and he is just starting to grasp *some* of the morals. we've talked about them a lot. I would recommend this book for age 5 at the earliest... but not to worry, you and your children will be coming back to this book for years and years.
I can't count how many times my almost two year old has had me read this book. She loves it. We regularly *make* mouse soup, wherein we tell stories about our day or sometimes go for a walk and collect rocks and leaves for the soup. This book inspires lots of creative thought in littles ones and it entertains for ages. Would also recommend the Audible narration of this, Frof and Toad, and Mouse Tales.
Mouse Soup was selected to work on language comprehension with some of the children that I work with in the schools. These children have a diagnosis of either dyslexia, language disorder or auditory processing disorder. I have taken this book to work on all areas of language with my students. It has been very successful and I am grateful to the author who has written in such a way that has enhanced my students language skills.
Thank you so much!
Wooden Purple Romeo
My son is in 2nd grade and struggles with reading. This book and Mouse Tales are his favorite books to read. They are easy enough for him to get through with little help from us (large font and relatively simple words) but are still engaging stories. We talk about what he has read afterwards, and there are lots of details for him to recall. He also loves the preposterous nature of some of the stories, which he finds hilarious.

Most books at this reading level are pretty boring, but these books are wonderful, and make my son actually want to read, which is the greatest sign of success.
I love this book! I have purchased it many times and have given it to friends as a gift...especially those seeking to become storytellers. The stories are short....easy to remember....with succinct moral lessons. Great for adults and children.
I like these fables. They are unpredictable, entertaining, and short! My 3yo doesn't seem to enjoy them as much as I do, perhaps because they are so short. Also, I am reading them to her from a Kindle Voyage and you can't see the picture and the words at the same time.
The book is awesome, it's the same from my childhood. I have an issue with the condition though. I mean the price was good but it was advertised as "new." I'd be fine if it said lightly used or something. There was a small rip on the bottom spine of the book, fingerprints all over, and the upper right corner was bent like it has been used.

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