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» » I Love Gymnastics
I Love Gymnastics


Blanche Howard,Naia Bray-Moffatt


I Love Gymnastics


Children's Books

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DK Children (August 29, 2005)




Sports and Outdoors



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I Love Gymnastics by Blanche Howard,Naia Bray-Moffatt

A photo essay captures the hard work and dedication of a group of young girls as they struggle and train to be the best gymnasts they can be.
elegant stranger
Like most DK books, this one is full of beautiful photographs. It follows five young girls -- Jessica, Hannah, Tyra, Tiggy & Molly -- from their first days at the gym, hopping, running, and stretching, through their training, culminating with a competitive meet where each of the girls win medals. Throughout, the girls are having fun and learning proper techniques.

The pictures are very nice, but the text is equally important and quite well-written. The book defines all of the terms and stunts depicted. It explains the importance of different fundamental moves, gives some instruction of how to learn the moves (how to work up to full front splits and box splits, how to do a forward roll and a cartwheel). The little girls are adorable, and excel in different areas. There are many photographs with captions that emphasize the need for practice and perseverance -- like "I'm going to keep on trying!" and "I`m trying hard not to wobble" (while walking on the balance beam).

Each piece of apparatus used in competitive gymnastics is shown. It also features the boys events, which is not always the case with gymnastics books.

Overall, this is an inspiring picture book for young girls and beginners. There's nothing too complicated here -- mostly simple stunts that are within reach of a beginner. Because it is at the beginner level, it's not as fascinating as something with more advanced stunts. My five-year-old daughter enjoys looking at all of the "cute little girls" doing stunts, but she`s not mesmerized or compelled to look the book time and time again like she is of photographs of more complicated and intriguing moves, or of gymnasts like Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson rather than amateur six year olds. Nonetheless, the book is still quite well done.

Highly recommended for the young novice gymnast or anyone wishing to learn a bit more about the basics of gymnastics.
Quality book. Nice pictures with good directions etc. my niece was thrilled with the book.
My 5 year old gymnast spends lots of time going through this book and practicing her moves. She really enjoys it and the pictures are great.
This book is pictoral in nature, and follows the progress of a group of young students during a series of gymnastics classes, ending with a competition. The photography is beautiful, and basic gymnastics skills (stretches, splits, cartwheels, etc.) are demonstrated by the students. The book is geared toward young girls, probably around ages 4-8. However, the photography is excellent and the storyline is not too terribly babyish for older fans to enjoy, too. This would be a great addition to a gymnastics library.
I am hcv men
This is a great book for girls, encouraging them to get into sports. Shows a group of about 8 girls (and 2 boys) learning gymnastics. The kids look to be around 8 years old, but my 3 year old loves looking at the pictures and trying the gymnastics moves. The photography is beautiful and the text is very informative.
I love this book. Young or old gymnastics fans would love it too. The pictures are great and so is the interpret. I read this book many times and I strongly recommend it to others.
This is a great book for girls who are involved in gymnastics and are inspiring to be on the team someday. It is geared towards girls probably up to age 9-10. I have a 5 and 7 year old that are in gymnastics and really like the book. There are many pictures and descriptions on how to do what is involved and what they can look forward to as they progress. Great book.

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