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» » Baby Animals Black and White
Baby Animals Black and White


Phyllis Limbacher Tildes


Baby Animals Black and White


Children's Books

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Charlesbridge; unknown edition (July 1, 1998)




Early Learning

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Baby Animals Black and White by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

This charming, best-selling board book introduces eight adorable baby animals, featuring high-contrast black-and-white illustrations perfect for babies from birth to age two. Research has shown that infants respond more readily to contrasting black and white images, making this book an ideal choice for the youngest of eyes. Up-close images of a playful Dalmatian puppy, a cuddly panda cub, a striped zebra, and other loveable animals grace each page. A final two-page spread completes this charming book with a clever surprise.
Newborn baby loved this when I sat it up beside her to look at or "read" to her. She spent hours (over time...) staring at this, and eventually smiling, cooing, and later flipping through herself. Perfect size for a diaper bag/purse. Durable too- my daughter teethed on this for months and it held up to 4 front teeth and a lot of drool.
Have purchased this for 4 baby gifts and it is always a pleaser. Would recommend to anyone with an infant under 4-6 months. Best price here on Amazon as well- triple the price in my local big-brand bookstore.
This book combines the 2 things that never fail to hold a new baby's interest: faces & contrast.

-BENEFICIAL. You really can't go wrong buying this as, although it is simple, it mesmerizes babies while stimulating their brain growth.
-NOT AGE-SPECIFIC. My son is almost 3 months old & continues to enjoy looking through the pictures as I make up stories about each one.
-STURDY. I appreciate that it's a board book that will withstand use over time. It's also nice to be able to prop the book up for babies to examine during tummy time, etc.

-Would love for this book to have just a few more pages.
-Upon delivery, one of the pages did have a small crease down the center. Not a big deal & doesn't significantly alter the overall picture, but worth mentioning.
I bought this for my two month-old baby and she is enthralled by this book! The images are awesome and she seriously perks up so much when I show her the pages. Her little feet get kicking like crazy and her eyes get big. I love that it's a board book. It makes it more durable and packable since we bring it with us often. I would definitely recommend this!
My husband thinks the pictures in this book are some CIA mind control for the baby, he stares at them totally hypnotized. I wish there were some words that went with it that I could read to him, but I just kind of make stuff up. The images definitely hold his interest for a while though, he's 4 weeks old and I'm eager to watch him progress with what types of books he likes. I'm glad these exist because I wanted to start him on reading at a young age!
The best few dollars I've ever spent! I bought this for my son when he was just a few weeks old. Those first few weeks are rough, since newborns can't really focus their eyes on much. Once he was able to start focusing on things, he really enjoyed this book!

No, there aren't any words in it, and it is only 10 pages, and 8 are animal faces. They aren't super simple images compared to the Look Look book. They are a bit more detailed.

I liked setting up the book in his pack n play so he could look at it. And I'd also flip through the pages for him and tell him what the animals are, or make animal sounds for him.
I bought this book before my daughter was born because I know babies love black and white pics at an early age. We have a Dalmatian so she loves the cover. She is 18 months and still loves this book. Now I say, what sound does this animal make? And she says "baa" for the sheep pic. Too cute!! Glad I bought it!!
My baby loves this book, currently she is 2 months old and even at 1 month this book fascinated her and kept her attention very well for many minutes. The pictures are pretty life-like. No words which is fine with us. The book is durable and well-bound. Great for infants since high contrast and I'm sure older babies would enjoy too as they could learn the names of the animals. Has 8 to 10 different baby animals, one per page. For less than 4 bucks it's well worth it to me.
Best book ever! 3 month old LOVES the pictures and smiles/coos at them constantly. Really can't believe how much they love it and how entertaining it is.

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