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» » Our Cat Cuddles (Child's Play Library)
Our Cat Cuddles (Child's Play Library)


Amanda Montgomery-Higham,Gervase Phinn


Our Cat Cuddles (Child's Play Library)


Children's Books

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Childs Play Intl Ltd (May 2002)







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Our Cat Cuddles (Child's Play Library) by Amanda Montgomery-Higham,Gervase Phinn

Rich in language, humour and rhyme, this hilarious tale is perfectly complemented by Amanda Montgomery-Higham's witty illustrations. Lizzie and Dominic desperately want a kitten but they get much more than they bargain for! This version includes fun language activities for parents and teachers.
I found out about this book through a daycare I used to work at. For ages 18 months - 3 years, this book would always draw a large circle. It flows and is easy to read, something I appreciate. I just ordered it for my own daughter, and I'm sure she'll love it.
To begin, this is a very delightful book, due to its size and the bold and quirky illustrations and rhyming text to read to a group of children. I have used this one several times and it is always a hit.

The book begins with a family discussion as to having a pet cat join them. Each member of the family expresses their needs and wants in the sort of cat or kitty they want. This leads to a trip to the local animal shelter to pick a cat. And what an animal shelter it is. There they find just about every creature you can imagine. They also have a very large cat room with all kinds of cats awaiting adoption. The family, after due consideration, picks a unsightly small, dirty and puny sort of kitty which is huddled in a corner. They take the cat home and it begins to grow...and grow! I will not throw a spoiler in here but suffice to say that this little work has a big surprise ending!

The text is smooth and amusing and will elicit giggles of the little ones as you read. As I said, the art work is on the quirky side with elongated figures; exaggerated figures, done in bright bold colors which at first you might think would clash but they don't. The illustrations are actually quite pleasing to the eye and if you look at the various expressions on the face of the animals - they are funny.

This particular book has a couple of things going for it which I personally look for in a book I plan to read to and for children. First is the fact that each and ever illustration can be added to as the reader reads. You can direct or actually be directed by the children into all kinds of side stories and all kinds of good discussions can be generated. Secondly, it is pleasing to the children's ear as the rhyming is rather rhythmic and soothing.

The designated age group on the product page here is just about right. Advanced early readers will find this one to be just enough of a challenge to make it interesting and they most certainly will increase their vocabulary if for no other reason that all the animal names present.

This one has been around now for about ten years and is getting a bit difficult to find. The copy I am reviewing here is from our local library.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks
Initially I enjoyed this book more than my granddaughter. We put it away, then a few months later it has turned into one of her favorites. It's a twist on the Clifford dog series. A young girl wants a pet, goes to the local animal shelter, and picks out the scrawniest pet with a pathetic purr. It's a cute story.
I checked this out of the library for our 3 1/2-year-old daughter, as she loves our two cats and as books about cats have been well-received in the past.

The book was a big hit - especially the last half, where the Keeper describes all the different kinds of cats. The rhyming descriptions of cats made her smile, then crack up. I didn't expect her to find it funny, but was glad for the chuckle.

I am considering buying this for Christmas, as we've had the book 24 hours and have read it four times already.

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