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» » Endgame (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 9)
Endgame (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 9)


John Ostrander,Welles Hartley,Jan Duursema,Doug Wheatley,Others


Endgame (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 9)


Children's Books

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Dark Horse (July 27, 2006)




Science Fiction and Fantasy



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Endgame (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 9) by John Ostrander,Welles Hartley,Jan Duursema,Doug Wheatley,Others

Witness the untold stories of the Jedi who took a last stand againstEmperor Palpatine in the moments during, and immediately after, the events inRevenge of the Sith! Watch Darth Vader undertake a Jedi "purge" ofhis own in the hunt for Obi-Wan Kenobi!In the jungles of the Wookieehomeworld Kashyyyk, Quinlan Vos wages a battle of impossible odds against hisown troops to protect his loved ones. On the icy Outer Rim world of Toola, JediMaster Kai Huddora takes a terrified Padawan into his charge after her ownmaster falls to Order 66. Amidst the forests of New Plymto, Das Jennir findshimself in league with a band of rebels he'd led attacks against only daysbefore. Not all Jedi are scattered across the galaxy however, and soon, a bravefew will plot to topple Sith rule by setting a trap for the newlyunveiled Darth Vader!
Hǻrley Quinn
This book contains issues 79-83 of the "Star Wars: Republic" comic series (which contain two separate stories) and the "Star Wars: Purge" one-shot, which (along with its three sequels) are only available at ridiculous prices on this very website. Each of these stories have to do with Episode III in some way: the "Republic" issues take place both during and very shortly after the aforementioned movie while "Purge" takes place about a month after that. All of these stories have a nice quality in that they are very self-contained, especially "Purge". The other two stories do require a little bit of background on who these characters are, though not so much as to be completely confused as to who these character are and what's happpening. The script for all of these stories, two of which are by John Ostrander, are really good and feel natural. The characters all feel like they organic, even a little real. The art for all of the stories are also really good and fit the tone of the story (sorry for using this word so much) that they're featured in. Overall, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.
Note: all of the "Purge" stories have now been gathered into a single trade paperback collection
Each story in this book was good. Vader's hunt for a group of jedi is a great one, but the final chapter of Quinlin Vos' journey, leading to his reunion with Khaleen stole the show. It was beautifully rendered and exciting to read. This one is obviously essential.
The Clone Wars series is one of my favorite in Star Wars. I would also recommend the Dark Times series, which happens right after the Clone Wars.
awesome book series for star wars fans
This was one of the better volumes of the clone wars series and talked a lot about order 66. Two of my favorite jedi's, Quinlan Vos and Dass Jennir stories are also shown. It provides a pleasant ending for Quinlan and talks about master Kai Hudorra and padawan Noirah Na. It also has the one-shot, Purge, where Vader dispatches several jedi simultaneously. Doug Wheatley is a great artist, pick this one up.
Worth the purchase. Written before the cartoon series, so told for a slightly different perspective.
crazy mashine
I was very happy with this product and enjoyed it.

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