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» » Are You a Bee? (Backyard Books)
Are You a Bee? (Backyard Books)


Tudor Humphries,Judy Allen


Are You a Bee? (Backyard Books)


Children's Books

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Kingfisher; Reprint edition (May 13, 2004)







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Are You a Bee? (Backyard Books) by Tudor Humphries,Judy Allen

Backyard Books: Are You a Bee? by Judy Allen with illustrations by Tudor Humphries shows that--from the perspective of a honeybee--the backyard is a busy place. A young bee faces many challenges as it takes its place in the hive and joins in the work of the bee community.

I love Mercedes
My three-year-old grandson was terrified of bees this spring, so much so that he wouldn't go outside. I bought this book for him (along with the National Geographic one) and now he is fascinated by bees, though he still keeps his distance. He spent days pretending to be a bee and told everyone how important he was.
Very informative series. Kids love them and it really hold their attention.
As a beekeeper I like to add to my educational library. This was a nice children's book.
This is a nice basic overview of the life cycle of bees and ties it in to beekeeping loosely near the end by showing women beekeepers with their kids. There is no character development of any kind here.

Very short with fairly accurate pencil and watercolor illustrations.

Also recommended: The BeeMan by Laurie Krebs - a story that is more human-centric about a boy and his apiarist grandfather.
This book grabs the children's attention right from the beginning. I used it along with Insect Lore's Life Cycle Changes plastic "toy" to give a lesson to preschoolers through grade 2 on metamorphosis. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Everyone present learned something and the children loved the hands-on part as well.
Grandson loves!
My 3-year-olds love buzzing in their bee pajamas and we're considering getting our own hive, so needed a book to learn more about bees. Not sure about the kiddos, but I sure did! Great book, simple descriptions, and great illustrations.
I love these little are you stories as they are so educational and very informative so even I as the reader gain information from them.

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