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» » Theodore Boone: The Abduction
Theodore Boone: The Abduction


John Grisham


Theodore Boone: The Abduction


Children's Books

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Hodder & Stoughton; Children's ed edition (June 1, 2011)




Mysteries and Detectives

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Theodore Boone: The Abduction by John Grisham

I chose the 5 stars cause John Grisham is one HECK of a writer and I have read alot of books he has written and there Isn't a bad one in the many books he has written that I know of any way.
I loved the first Theodore the kid lawyer is great so I had to read the series and I am glad I did. The characters in this book I felt I was in the neighborhood and community fighting the fight with them. Boy at one point I was so angry at grown men picking on kids because they thought there would be any consequences for their actions and they were fooled.
The adults were something else in this book. I stayed up alot of nights to find out what would happen next. I always lose sleep when I read John's book that why I start in a Friday night.
YOU WON'T be sorry. The young adults would love this series ( no foul language or violence) I actually think this is for young adults. They would like Theodore and Judge, his dog.
I had just finished reading a couple of John Grisham books, Sycamore Row and Gray Mountain, with mixed opinions of each. This book came up as a suggested one on my Kindle. After reading the first chapter I realized I had entered into Grisham's YA fiction. The Accused is not Grisham's first Theodore Boone, but this did not make it difficult to catch on. From the perspective of a YA work, it was an enjoyable read. Theodore is a 13 year old and the only child of two lawyers in a small town. He is an aspiring attorney that represents eccentric folk in the town's animal court where disputes are brought over pets and livestock and anyone can either represent themselves or another person.

This book involves Theodore's involvement in a crime that he did not commit but someone is attempting to frame him for it. It's an enjoyable story with colorful characters such as Theo's Uncle Ike, a disbarred lawyer, who helps him investigate the crime.

Overall, the book was enjoyable. Much like Harlan Coben's Mickey Bolitar YA series, this book has a main character that is wise beyond his years and maybe a little too perfect. Theo is bookish and aspires to be a lawyer, yet is popular in school. Perhaps having a more realistic reaction to his nature in the school setting might make this book and the series just a bit more believable. I'm going to go back and give the first Theodore Boone book a try.
Sadaron above the Gods
Imagine being called to the Pricipal's Office on a Wednesday Morning... Imagime finding a DETECTIVE there, from the lacal cop shop. Imagine having the detective escort you to your locker, and having the principal open your locker, only to find 3 Linx 0-4 Tablets there. Products of the burglery of the Computer store the previous night. To make matters worse, there is someone who is followinf Theo around wirth a small knife, destroying his bike tires. You will NOT beleive who the culprits are, and you will not know until the end of the story.

The 4th book (not bought here but available) is called 'The Activist'. Story on a par with the first three. Theo, along with his friends, and a large part of the elementary school, manage to overcome a LARGE political force. What they do, and how they DO it is page-turning enjoyment!

Theodore Boone, his parents, his DOG (Judge) and his friends are unbeatable. Good people, ding the right thing. Put them all together,and WOW!!!! I can't wait for the following editions! I don't recall waiting for 'new ones' of anything like this since I was about10! Will they catch Pete Duffy? I hope so! (He runs away in the second book.) (he was out on bail, didn't show up for the new trial)
I like John Grisham's book, for the most part I like them a lot. This is the third Theodore Boone book I've read and I took away one star for the simple fact that an approximately thirteen year old boy would not use the vocabulary that Hardie uses. Theodore is the son of two lawyers, well-read, and a
kid lawyer" by hobby. He would be expected to excel in his language skills but what 13 y/o knows craftsman house or would describe the farm using the terms used in this book.

The basic story is relatively interesting but the violence (will not spoil) is excessive, especially regarding animals. If I had read this book as a teenager I would have been a sobby mess!

I will continue to read the rest of the book in the series.
Suddenly, April is MISSING! She VANISHED, overnight! She's thirteen years old, and disfunctional does not begin to describe her family. This night, she was HOME, and she was alone!. Next moprning she was GONE! She was Theo's VERY GOOD friend. Not his 'grlfriend', in the romantic sense, but his FRIEND. And Theo was HER friend, in the same sense. This is actually the SECOND in the series of books about Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer. It takes us on a midnight ride to a College town where a really bad rock band is playing, loudly, for a Sorority party. How'd we get there? Theo knows! He and Ike (Theo's Uncle) track her down and GO THERE to rescue her. From whom? READ THE BOOK! There is less in my review than for Kid Lawyer, but I did more explanitory stuff there. This is a real PAGE TURNER, too! The town comes to life and the characters come to life, and the story is believable!

They (all four books) are for '11 - up' age group. I'm 'UP'. (78) You will NOT regret the purchase! buy them all at once. They run as a serial, although they will stand alone, and do do vary well.

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