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» » Apple Farmer Annie
Apple Farmer Annie


Monica Wellington


Apple Farmer Annie


Children's Books

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Dutton Juvenile; 1st edition (August 27, 2001)




Geography and Cultures



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Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington

Annie the apple farmer saves her most beautiful apples to sell fresh at the farmers' market.
I originally got this as a library book but my son loved it so much I had to buy it. First, each page can open up a conversation lasting several minutes- there are so many details. Apple colors and numbers, ingredients, showing a process or procedure, shapes (in the street signs), and so much more. It teaches about entrepreneurship, pride in your work, using all of the parts of things, and life skills. The illustrations are the naive folksy style which would make them easy to imitate for a child as well. Highly recommend as a gift with some seasonal apples to eat as you read. If this review is helpful to you, I would grateful if you pressed the "helpful" button below! :)
This book is darling. The illustrations are vibrant and have so much to look at. I wish it talked a little more about the actual farm and less about what she does with her apples, but regardless I think my 1 year old will love it!

Update: My toddler is OBSESSED with this book. She loves to find the kitty and puppy on the pages, and pretends to munch the apples off the page. This is one of the few board books that I don't get tired of reading over and over again.
My 3 year old loves this book. Perfect for fall when apples are in season. It discusses picking of apples, that apples come in different colors, foods and drinks you can make with apples, farmers markets, and the satisfaction Annie has in being tired and happy about having her own apple farm. It has enough words per page to keep a toddler interested, but not enough that it looses their attention. Good through at least age 4. We love it.
This book is perfect for the beginning of the year with my class of Two Year Olds. They can't sit quietly for very long yet, so this book has just the right number of words to hold their interest without overwhelming them.
One of my favorite books for my 3yo daughter. I love how the story is inspiring my little girl to think like an entrepreneur already. We have apple trees at our property and she loves relating to the story. The recipes included in the back are a bonus for me and provide a mother daughter follow up activity!
We love this book so much that we constantly give it as a gift! The illustrations are great, and the simple story is one kids always love. Nice to see a non-stereotypical depiction of farming and farmers.
This is a delightful book and sends an excellent message to young readers as well. I in fact do not think a children's book is required to have a message; it just needs to delight. But the message here is that hard work and being good at something is rewarding, and that's a pretty good message for a young reader to receive. Parents of both girls and boys will appreciate the main character's savvy, entrepreneurial qualities. The illustrations are lovely and bright without being too busy, and the tasty recipes at the end are and added treat. My now four year-old son has gone through two apple picking seasons with this book, and refers to "Apple Farmer Annie" as though she were one of his best pals. I highly recommend this book. Caveat: if you read it to your child in a season other than fall, or if you live someplace where apples don't grow, be prepared to handle the request to visit an orchard!
This is a very simply written book about a girl who owns an apple orchard who picks and prepares her apples for selling in various forms at the market. My 20 month old was very interested in the processes demonstrated in this book (picking, sorting, making cider, chopping/cooking apple sauce & baked goods, selling), and so sometimes we make apple sauce together after reading the book! I hope to take him to an apple orchard next year as another follow on activity. I find it to be more of an informative book rather than a literary one, which nicely compliments his collection.

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