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Holly Black




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Simon & Schuster Childrens Boo (2007)




Literature and Fiction



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Ironside by Holly Black

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I loved this series by Holly Black! It really puts you in mind that fairy and ogres and other imaginary things can really exist. The story tells of Kaye coming to terms with with being one of the folk and having to choose of the life that she thought was hers and the life that she was expected to lead. You do have to read the other two books in order to understand the outcome of this book. But I am positive you won't be disappointed. I do think it's a bit mature for maybe a 10 year old. But this series of 3 books is great! I really enjoyed them and read them all in a matter of 5 days!
Out of all three of the books in the Modern Faerie Tale series this last one was my favorite. I really liked the way the second book, Valient, was weaved into this story. There was a lot more emotion in this book and this time I really felt it. Every single character was going through a personal battle and it just added to the tension of the story (in a good way)
The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that I know Roiben likes Kaye and I know Kaye like Roiben but they both seem to miss the boat on that information. When they're together there doesn't seem to be a lot of passion between them and according to Ravus in the 2nd book faeries are very passionate when loving someone. I don't know, I just would have liked some heat between them or something that really showed the chemistry they have and the passion they felt for one another. I kind of think Corny did better at portraying that in his relationship than Kaye and Roiben did.
This book just had an altogether better vibe to it. Everything just seemed to fall into place better than the other 2 books and none of it really seemed forced. I think Holly kind of left it open for a 4th book if she so desires. There are a few relationships and situations left Roiben and his sister's (Ethine) relationship; what happens with Talathain (b/c he's clearly pissed and not happy about the outcome of things); and what happens with Roiben and his new place in the Faerie does that all work out. I don't know if that's the plan for later on or if this was just it but I DO know that if there is another book....I will be reading it too.
I have to admit, I really enjoyed Tithe but Ironside blows it out of the water. Black's writing style was incredible throughout this book and I was unable to put it down. The story was fresh, she drew characters from Tithe and Valiant together and made you actually care about what was going to happen; may seem like a necessary element but books these days have not been doing this for me. I enjoyed the evolution of Corny's character in this one a great deal as well as getting to watch Kaye struggle with her identity; fenced between two worlds where she doesn't feel she fits in to either. Black has a number of highly creative moments in this book and as always, her descriptions of Faeries and the courts are exquisite; sucking you right into the world. I would have liked to see Val have a bigger role in this story but thinking on it I really wouldn't know how she could have fit in. My only complaint, and really it isn't much of one, is that Black has a difficult time writing sadness around a story that is quippy and comedic. When important people die I notice that it is swept under the rug fairly quickly with only a mere mention here or there. This doesn't bother me per se it just feels a bit off. I imagine to keep the overall banter going between characters it is a small price to pay. Excellent book overall!
While the third book in the series, this is the true sequel of Tithe, picking up shortly after it left off. Some of the characters from Valiant are pretty much abandoned and forgotten about (which was disappointing), while others are brought in and team up with Kaye and Corny.

Roiben is finally crowned King of the Unseelie Court, but his celebration is to be halted. The Queen of the Seelie Court as determined to take both courts, and use Kaye against him any way she can. In the meantime, Kaye is determined to prove her love and loyalty to Roiben, taking up an impossible quest which prevents her from being with him until completed. Many plots intertwine as the Faeries of the opposing courts go to war. And then theres Ironside, where all the cast out Faeries live, seperated from the Courts in the City.

Definitly an amazing sequel to Tithe, and in fact, one could skip Valiant altogether and not lose out on Kaye's story. But I would recommend reading all three anyways! I love the entire series and can onlu hope there will be more to come!
This is the third book in the Modern Faery's Tale series. The first book in this series deals with Kaye, Corny & Roiben. The second book deals with Val, Luis & David. The third book combines them all nicely. I really enjoyed this book and the other books as well.
In this book the battle for the Seelie Court and Unseelie Court begins, Kaye devotes her "all" to Roiben, and Corny might end up finding love. It was a quick and easy read and the ending was nicely done. I look forward to more Holly Black books to come. If you've read the first two books and enjoyed them, then I highly recommend this one. If you haven't read them yet, go get you a copy!
I didn't read Valiant so I didn't get some of tie ins at first, but that didn't effect the storyline so I barely noticed when I read it the first time. I loved Tithe and kept putting off reading the sequel in fear I would dislike it. I don't think Ironside is as good as Tithe, but I think it is definitely worth a read. It goes a bit deeper into the darker side (if you can imagine a darker side) of the faery world.
I found this an enjoyable sequel to Holly Black's Tithe. It's dark and fantastical YA urban fantasy and left me wanting more. While there is another book listed as "A Modern Faerie Tale" called Valiant, it's not a sequel to this book (something I was a bit disappointed by).
Read this series a while back and enjoyed. Bought as a birthday gift for a friend who loves this series but she still has to get it. I am sure she will like it!

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