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» » The Devil And His Boy (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)
The Devil And His Boy (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)


Anthony Horowitz


The Devil And His Boy (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)


Children's Books

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Turtleback Books (January 11, 2007)




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The Devil And His Boy (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) by Anthony Horowitz

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. After he is recruited to play an important role in a play to be performed for Queen Elizabeth, Tom realizes he is involved in a murderous conspiracy that goes beyond the stage.
This book keeps you interested the whole time. Based on real-life facts, makes it even better.
Could be a little longer, but it is still very good. I highly recommend it.
I liked it. Easy read for a nice day in December. The afterword does state the mistakes in the book are deliberate.
"The Devil and His Boy" is an entertaining adventure for readers who enjoy such works as "The Shakespeare Stealer." In fact, the basic plot is very similar: peasant boy from a small town finds himself in London due to mysterious or treacherous circumstances that lead him to the theater where he soon finds himself a player, pursued by a rogue who would do him harm. While "The Shakespeare Stealer" deals with the specifics of theft and deception in regard to playscripts in the Elizabethan theater, "The Devil and His Boy" deals with a broader plot involving the political doings of the time. The broader nature of the plot makes the book somewhat less successful since Horowitz doesn't provide the detail necessary for the reader to get any real sense of the struggle between England and Spain, or any overhanging threat to Elizabeth and England. What Horowitz does do is provide a very good picture of the Elizabethan underworld, including a particularly unsavory character who lends a whole new perspective to street beggars. Still, a fun yarn for anyone looking for more adventure in the world of the Wooden "O".
The Devil and His Boy
This story begins in the small town of Framlingham, where young Tom Falconer is cruelly treated by Sebastion and Henrietta Slope, the owners of the Pigs Head Inn. Tom Falconer is an unhappy young man who isn't having any luck in life. However, this rapidly changes when a mysterious man arrives at the inn and demands that he take Tom back to London. After a short struggle they are both on horseback and on the path to London but trouble is not far off. They soon encounter a masked criminal, Gamaliel Ratsey, who promptly murders Tom's rescuer and would have murdered Tom if he hadn't quickly rode out of sight on the horse.
After the attack Tom finds himself on the streets of London starving and without money. He soon finds himself a home however, when he is recruited by Dr. Mobius to play a part in his play, The Devil and His Boy. He lives and rehearses on a weather-beaten boat with the troupe of actors who call themselves the Garden Players. He is sure he is being left in the dark, that there is something Dr. Mobius isn't telling him, and his suspicions are confirmed when an unknown man appears on the boat and makes some kind of deal with Dr. Mobius. Tom soon finds out that the play is to be performed in front of Queen Elizabeth of England and he allows himself to dream of riches and glory. Unfortunately, Tom has no idea that the play he will perform is actually the beginning of a dark plot of destruction set by Dr. Mobius himself!
I believe that the two major themes in this book are those of morality and honesty. However, these two themes are touched on very lightly. Crime is a common thing on the streets of London and Tom is pressured several times into a life of thievery. His best friend while in London is Moll Cutpurse, who herself is a master pickpocket. While he stays with her they often go to places full of criminals who brag of the riches they have accumulated through treachery. This is a strong temptation for young Tom but he stays with what he knows is right in his heart and becomes an actor, one of the few things that makes him happy.
Honesty is also a theme that is present in this book. When Tom first decides to join the Garden Players he doesn't know if he should trust Dr. Mobius or the other actors. He is very suspicious especially when Dr. Mobius goes into several fits of anger. I think morality could tie into this too because his good sense of morality tells him that these people were not to be trusted.
Overall, I think this book does an excellent job of portraying a plot that keeps you on your toes and shows how a good sense of morality can do a lot for a person. Also, a large amount of information in this book is actual fact and many characters were real people. This puts a bit of English history into a fascinating plot, which showed that a little imagination can go a long way.
This Book is terrific. It is a thrilling and advenurous story. I have never read a better book. It is about a boy who wants to be in a play but his parents are dreadfully mean and wont let him.His real parents are the King and Queen of england but noone but the queen knows. He sneaks away from his Guardians and gets tied up with the most sinister and pulverizing murders in all of London. This is deafinatly a great book and once you start reading this book you won't be able to stop reading. It will keep you asking for more. I really liked this book, and I hope u do to.
Anthony Horowitz is famous for his series Alex Rider. I myself am a fan of the books. The first five were beleiveable and got cornier as they went but still kept my attention. That is the kind of writter Anthony Horowitz is and always will be. He will write things that will grab your attention in parts and in parts make you say, "what is he thinking?"
This book was like that. I finished this book in one day because I found it fun to read and interesting but the whole thing with the queen and the main character....I don't want to spoil it. I will just tell you that I saw it coming in the first chapter. The book was predictable but a good read. Maybe you should read it on a rainy day when there is nothing for you to do.

Courtney <3
I found this book kind of ridiculous. It is silly when it isn't supposed to be.

Horowitz exaggerates some of the nastier aspects of Elizabethan society to the point of caricature, but it doesn't work -- he presents nothing truly horrifying. Despite the best efforts of the author, "The Devil and His Boy" seems very modern. I was suprised to find out how much of the story Horowitz claims he "based on fact."

The characters aren't well-developed, and the book treats the themes of morality and honesty very lightly. The choices that the main character makes seem too easy. He refuses to turn to crime, but this comes off as unrealistic and sanctimonious, not heroic. The ending of the book is not a surprise at all.

If you're looking for a good YA book on plays and Elizabethan England, try Susan Cooper's King of Shadows instead.
My 1st Anthony Horowitz and it was pretty cool. It was kinda creepy, but it still had an interesting storyline.

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