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Dog Parade


Barbara Joosse,Eugene Yelchin


Dog Parade


Children's Books

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HMH Books for Young Readers; First edition (September 6, 2011)







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Dog Parade by Barbara Joosse,Eugene Yelchin

Nine diggity dogs get ready to join a doggone jamboree!

Meet Tinkles, Gracie-pants, Lovie, Fritzie, Weenie, Walter, Comet, Ike, and Jack. It’s time for these pups to let their owners dress them up in costume! But one of them is shy. Another is too jumpy. Do any of them really want to join the fun? Once they see the silly and cute duds they’re wearing, they will! But they need to hurry—the dog parade won’t wait forever. And it’s not to be missed!
This book has great writing and storytelling for children. The illustration is amazing making these little dogs members for our families. My grandson wants to read it over and over again!
My Review: Author Barbara Joosse introduces us to some of the dog breeds and their personalities as their humans get them ready for the dog parade. The dogs introduce themselves and wonder what costume they would be wearing. Slurp see himself as wonder dog as he bring the newspaper, sneakers, watch out for the baby and bring in the mail. While Fritzie sees himself in charge.

"Fritzie in charge.
All right, people. Over here. Over there.
Ready...hup! Line up!
One Two Three Four, one two three four.
Hrumph. You want me to wear...this?
Wouldn't a uniform be more appropriate?
Medals. Ribbons. Stars. So on and so forth".

Dog lovers and children will find this book interesting with realistic expression of the dogs by the illustrator. Interesting read!

FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way. sliver
Hate to say it, but the story itself doesn't do much for me. Dogs meeting in the park, introducing themselves and their quirky personalities, and their owners dressing them in a costume for a dog parade. Well, it's not the story, it's the text, the way the story's told: "Everybody's coming--furry ones, barky ones, running-in-the-parky ones." It's trite! A fair amount of onomatopoeia (barkbarkbark! Grrrrrrrrr! Diggitydig diggity), is fine (because it's illustrated and stands out enliveningly). More suitable for a one-on-one read than for group storytime. What makes this book the best, however, is the illustrating by Eugene Yelchin (and perhaps a savvy editor?). Brilliantly colorful, charming, captivating, and attractive to the max! Did I mention the text is illustrated? Bright, bold, colorful, appealing with some rebus depictions thrown in for good measure, page backgrounds are gorgeous pastel. Seriously--read this book for the illustrations!
Dog Parade is a cute story about different dogs dressing up for a parade; It tells the names of the dogs as well as what they dress up as and their feelings about being dressed up in the costume. The illustrations are very colorful. The story is also told in rhyming sequence.

The book would be great for younger children who are interested in animals and could be used to teach about rhyming sentences.
happy light
My 18mo old son adores this book! It's a bit odd in a few places but the art is too cute. It's way better than 'Once I Ate A Pie' which is very similar, giving characteristics to dog breeds.
One if my grandson's favorite books.

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