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» » Rules of Wealth: A Personal Code for Prosperity
Rules of Wealth: A Personal Code for Prosperity


Richard Templar


Rules of Wealth: A Personal Code for Prosperity


Business & Money

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Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc. (November 30, 2006)




Management and Leadership

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Rules of Wealth: A Personal Code for Prosperity by Richard Templar

Money - it makes the world go round. We all secretly believe that it can make us happy. After all, wouldn't it be great to have enough of it so you don't need to worry? Enough to buy that dream house, car, or simply enough so you don't have to think about what you're spending? So how do the wealthy get rich? Is it luck? Or do they know something we don't? Yes they do, they know The Rules of Wealth. The rules of acquiring it. The rules of growing it. The rules of keeping it. And the rules of spending it. Richard Templar is back and this time he will make you richer. Forget practical how to reduce your weekly outgoings , forget how to choose a mortgage . In his inimitable, wry style, Templardelves deeper,revealing the simple, golden rules for creating and growing wealth. "The Rules of Wealth" - for a richer life.
Mark F. LaMoure, Boise, ID

"The Rules Of Wealth" by Richard Templar, delivers golden ideas in his book for becoming wealthy. It is outstanding. The book is a guide manual, filled to overflowing with important subjects focused on helping you get rich. Richard is an "A+," great writer. I found the book easy to read and understand. Mr. Templar is a proven genius in his business philosophy. He shares prize winning ideas with you, from many years of business experience.

An excellent book, it has 100 rules or chapters, lucidly explaining important ideas and insider's secrets. Each rule in the book is only two pages long, yet the subjects discussed are crystal clear. Mr. Templar enlightens the reader on difficult business subjects. Richard is a very experienced author and writer, with the ability to communicate very well. The Rules of Wealth is better than 24K gold.

For example in Rule #4, named: "Keep It Under Your Hat," Templar explains that unless someone can definitely help you, always keep your goal of becoming wealthy a secret. He gives you at least five reason's why you shouldn't talk about your goal. One of them is, that chances are high you will create social barriers. Richard's book material is like an waterfall, because it cascades with ideas and answers "They," don't want you to know.

The best part about the book is that you don't have to sift through page-after-page of filler text, to finally arrive at the main point. Richard cuts sharply to the bone, on every single topic. As a result, you don't waste precious time on a bunch of malarky. A brilliant author, Templar simplifies ideas in the business world, making them very useful. All the chapter topics were intelligently chosen, based on his experience in multiple businesses. Overall, I think the book is more precious than platinum.

Buy Mr. Templar's: "The Rules Of Wealth." If you want AAA diamond quality, get-rich ideas you'll get what you expect, and more. The book is saturated with precious wisdom you'll treasure for a lifetime. You will like it for its absolute excellence.
Undoubtedly a powerful book. I am having a Grand time reading my copy. I only wish the seller sent wrapping paper. It was received in immaculate condition. Thanks a million.
greed style
Excellant condition!
This book puts across a lot of good practical advice in an easy to understand way. Easy reading, and i learned a lot.
Very Old Chap
so far so good
The Rollers of Vildar
Awesome..I have already started using the rules....I am headed straight into wealth.....
This was a good and easy read. It contains quite a number of very basic principles, but the manner in which the message is conveyed definitely strikes a couple of cords. If you are looking for something easy, simple and inspirational to the point of taking action, I can recommend this.

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