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» » Give Me Liberty : The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry
Give Me Liberty : The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry


David J. Vaughan


Give Me Liberty : The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry


Biographies & Memoris

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GCB Publishing Group (1997)




Leaders and Notable People

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Give Me Liberty : The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry by David J. Vaughan

Book by David J. Vaughan
What a delightful read this book has been. The author displays a clear and deep admiration for his subject, but I find no fault in that. The book reads very easily without a lot of stilted verbiage, making it a wonderful introduction of the great orator to the student.
There is not a lot of detailed analysis here, but I don't believe that was the authors' intention. This work is meant to be an outline and introduction Henry, the Trumpet of the Revolution.

The work is actually presented as three separate volumes in one binding. Part 1 takes the reader from birth to death, touching on the momentous occasions, as well as a good bit of reference to the details of life which shaped the life of Henry. Part 2 gives Henry's views of some of life's virtues, such as Christianity, patriotism and duty and gives an insightful look at the character of this great American. Part 3 concludes with how Henry has been remembered by history, and how he should be remembered.

Overall, a delightful read which I highly recommend to students or anyone wishing to gain a basic insight to a great American patriot.
This is a book that you must read if you are at all interested in the power of the people for FREEDOM over tyranny!

God bless you.
Very happy with this purchase. Would purchase again! We use this in our homeschool.
My 11th grader is really enjoying this book! Our history needs to be preserved, remembered, and learned from!
This was a good read. More of a summary.
Would buy again.
The package came as described.
How few books there are about Patrick Henry. The only thing people seem to know is the phrase, "give me liberty or give me death". This book gives an easy to read overview of his life and (like others in the series), highlights different character traits.

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