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» » Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph
Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph


Lyle Prouse


Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph


Biographies & Memoris

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Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph by Lyle Prouse

This is the story of the first airline pilot ever arrested and sent to prison for flying under the influence. He was fired by his airline, stripped of his FAA licenses, tried, convicted, and sent to Federal prison. This was a first. It had never occurred before. Lyle Prouse came from a WWII housing project in Kansas and an alcoholic family where both parents died as a result of alcoholism. He rose through the ranks of the United States Marine Corps from private to captain, from an infantryman to a fighter pilot. He made his way to the pinnacle of commercial aviation, airline captain...then lost it all. Today he is a recovering alcoholic with nearly twenty-two years sobriety. This story describes his rise from the ashes of complete destruction from which he was never to fly again. It is full of miracles which defy all manner of odds. In a long and arduous journey, he eventually regained his FAA licenses. He never fought his termination; he considered it fair and appropriate. Miraculously, after nearly four years, the President/CEO of his airline personally reinstated him to full flight status in spite of all the adverse publicity and embarrassment. In effect, the President/CEO gambled his own career by taking such a risk on a convicted felon and publicly acknowledged alcoholic pilot. In another stunning event, the judge who tried, sentenced, and sent him to prison watched his journey and reappeared eight years after the trial. He became the driving force behind a Presidential pardon although he'd never supported a petition for pardon in all his years on the bench. Lyle retired honorably as a 747 captain for the airline he'd so horribly embarrassed and disgraced. He lives with his wife of nearly forty-nine years and has five grandchildren. He continues to work with all the major airlines in their alcohol programs. He is also active in his Native American community, and he provides hope to those struggling with the disease of alcoholism, no matter who they are or where they are.
I remember when this happened. I was in high school at the time. I watched it on the news and remember judging the pilots harshly, and thinking they deserved what they got. I did laugh at the late night comedian jokes as well. I now have a deeper understanding of addiction, and have seen friends and other good people battle this. I'm a medical professional, and have seen the devastating effects addictions have on personal and professional life of the addicted individuals. I'm glad programs exist that allow professionals in recovery to resume their professional lives.

I also have a casual interest in aviation and read quite a bit of aviation fiction as well as true stories such as this. I'm less than halfway through this book, and can hardly put it down. It's such a raw and honest insight into the incident and its aftermath through the eyes of Captian Prouse. I admire his determination, contrition, strength, honesty, and his ability to acknowledge how others were impacted by his alcoholism as well as his appreciation for their role in his recovery.
From a difficult childhood, this man with Native American roots, joins the Marines, and sets his sights on becoming a pilot, and he does so, first, as an A4 Skyhawk fighter pilot for the Marine Corps (flying combat sorties out of Chu Lai , RVN) and next (as he's progressed through the ranks) as a 747 Captain for Northwest Airlines ... and from this lofty position, the author and subject of this amazing book finds himself in a life-altering situation that quickly undoes all that he's worked so hard to accomplish. He is sentenced to prison, marking the low-point in his life, and thus begins his struggle to climb out of the hole he's put himself in, and to transform himself back into the position of respectability that he'd once earned/enjoyed. This man's remarkable story is a testament to belief in oneself, hard work, and a never-give-up attitude, and is must-read for anyone with an alcohol (or drug, gambling, etc.) addiction.
I bought this book as a Kindle book after trying it out. I love airplanes and space travel books, so this would be one more aviation book I could get into and enjoy. The main theme of this book though is not about flying, or Northwest Airlines, but about a man who lost his career due to alcohol, recovered/recovering from alcohol, and went on to return to his beloved career as a pilot. Now for any one who wants to prejudge this man before reading the book, don't. Lyle Prouse, from the beginning to the end of the book, many times over assumes full responsibility for what happened to him. This is something you never hear in today's world. Most people want to blame their problems on everyone and everything, but never themselves. To me this was refreshing to hear Lyle blame himself.You'll never catch a glimpse of self pity anywhere from cover to cover. I've never met a person with so much determination to climb out of the pit he ended up in, in my own associations in life. This man had to start his flying career over again from the bottom up, I my self hold a private pilot license, the bottom license, the first license in flying, and that is where Lyle Prouse had to start his flying over again. But, you'll never hear him complain about it, he took the opportunity of learning even in his flight retraining. I think most pilots who were at the top of the hill, Airline Transport Pilot license as Lyle was, would resent being told they have to start over.
I don't want to go into details about the book, because I think people should read this book, and be inspired by Lyle Prouse, and also his wife who never left his side. Even if you don't like aviation, read it any way, because it's more about a man's struggle, than about aviation. I also have to add that his style of writing is one that I love. He goes between his past in his early days in the Navy as an aviator in Viet Nam, then back to the the theme of what this book is about. I have lost people I've worked with and family from alcoholism so I'm well aware of the tragedy of it. Lyle, you've inspired me, and now I hope many others with read this book and be inspired.

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