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» » Miss Julia Takes Over
Miss Julia Takes Over


Ann B. Ross


Miss Julia Takes Over


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Viking Penguin; Large Print edition (October 1, 2001)





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Miss Julia Takes Over by Ann B. Ross

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Miss Julia Takes Over by Ann B. Ross
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Miss Julia Takes Over by Ann B. Ross
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3 Book Set By Ann B. Ross; Miss Julia Takes Over; Miss Julia's School Ofbeauty; Miss Julia Throws a Wedding.
Miss Julia is on the look for Hazel Marie when she leaves a frantic call. The police won't help because they claim she hasn't been gone long enough. So, Miss Julia hires a P.I., J.D. Puckett, and she wants things done her way, but he wants to do things his way. Plus, an uncle to Hazel Marie's son, Little Lloyd's inheritance by way of trying to get him taken from his mom, and by extension Miss Julia's lives. Miss Julia is traveling with J.D. and the kid, avoiding the cops sent to collect Little Lloyd and the bad men who took Hazel Marie. The banter between the characters is humorous. This was a fun read, I wish more in this series were in my budget.
I don't mean this book- I mean Miss Julia. Through much of the book, I didn't really like her very much . Aside from being snobbish, a know-it-all, cantankerous, stubborn, and insufferable, she did have some redeeming qualities. By the end of the book, I liked her a lot. You'll have to read for yourself how I got from point A to point B. In between is a well thought out mystery that makes you wonder what Miss Julia will do next and how deep into this mess is she willing to go. For all you cozy mystery fans, this is worth reading.
This is the second book in the Miss Julia series. Hazel Marie has disappeared, and intrepid Miss Julia Springer must locate her before a number of awful things happen. The characters from the heroine to Little Llyod, Mr. Pickens, Sam, Sam's nurse, Lillian, LuAnne, the pastor, etc. are a riot.

Miss Julia's reactions to NASCAR, which plays an important role in the story, is funny. She's so out-of-touch but a fast learner (even if she doesn't want to be one!).

My slight complaint is that the author, the wonderful Ms. Ann B. Ross, tried to throw too much plot at the reader -- especially in the last quarter of the novel. I felt the story had ended, and it went on for too long. Otherwise, it's a wonderfully written novel with fun characters.
I really enjoyed the story of this book. It was mysterious, comical, and engaging. It was a nice change from the typical murder mysteries I usually read. The book is also kid friendly which I appreciate. It seems that foul language is so accepted now days, tat somehow works it way into everything. Not the case here, just a well written story that anyone can be comfortable reading. The ending is not what you expect, so just wait for as you read, you won't be disappointed.
Really enjoyed rereading this book. Miss julia and Little Lloyd go looking for hazel marie when they determine she's missing. Jd Pickens is hired, but miss julia is determined at assist him.
The characters are well developed and the story line moves along at a nice pace.
This was truly a delight, a refreshing read.
It started a bit slow but I really liked the author's style and the story itself. This book is not a thriller, a romance, etc. It is probably more of a mystery in the Agatha Christy style but without the murders. I will be reading more Miss Julia books in the future.
I thoroughly loved this book! It's so fun to travel along with Miss Julia and see what she comes up with next. A true lady that is opening her heart and mind to, and becoming more understanding, of the ways of people. Learning to love them in spite of, or perhaps because of their quirks and humanness.
It took me a while but once this story got going I laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading some more about Miss Julia.

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