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» » The Love You Make (Signet)
The Love You Make (Signet)


Peter Brown


The Love You Make (Signet)


Biographies & Memoris

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Signet; 6th Printing edition (February 10, 1984)




Arts and Literature

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The Love You Make (Signet) by Peter Brown

Portrays the personal lives of the members of the rock band, the Beatles, from their childhood to the death of John Lennon in 1980
AVOID THE BUZZKILL: My one-star rating reflects the idiocy of the authors' turning the story of four folks whom the entire world loves into a joyless and world-weary accounting of human and business foibles. I'm barely halfway through and having to fight to maintain interest in turning the next page. I've read enough other Beatles tomes to know there's not much new here; what's new -- and lamentable for its churlishness from a co-author who owes his career to the band -- is the book's unrelenting glass-half-empty view of events and occasionally even the music. Worse still, its tone and approach intimates that the Beatles wholly despised their fame. Sure they groused and at times actually suffered, but puhleeze: These are some of the most charming and witty and joy-producing individuals ever to grace the musical world. I'll pass on the toxic mix on offer here and forever drink happily from the fountain of youth we know as the Fab Four.
I have a soft spot for The Love You Make, even though it's mainly Historical Fiction. It's opinionated and sensationalist writing whose only real fault is that it pretends to be objective. We'll probably never know whether Brown really believes all of this, or whether he and his editors merely thought that some extra trashy flavor would sell books. As long as you don't take it as gospel, there's no reason that you can't enjoy the ride.

The best bits are at the beginning, from when they were boys to when they first became stars. From that point on, the coverage becomes spotty and the narrative jumps and lurches. The main theme indulges a bit too deeply in the Lennon myth, offering plenty of psychological apologies and overstating his role before, during, and after the Beatles. McCartney is almost exclusively downplayed or insulted, and more attention could have been paid to Starr or especially Harrison (it's "An Insider's Story of the Beatles," not "An Insider's Story of John Lennon and his Women.").

There are better books about the band's history, especially when it comes to talking about the actual MUSIC. There are a handful of books that focus more clearly on individual elements of the history and the effect the Beatles had on culture. But if you're looking for some engrossing behind-the-scenes insight into who they were and what they had to deal with, there aren't many other options. Just read it with a heavy grain of salt, as if you were peering into a slightly different universe in which the Beatles actually said and did all of these things.
If everything in this book is true, and I have no reason to believe it is not, the Beatles were not very good lads. From pervasive and endless drug use to rampant and indiscriminate sex to backbiting and infighting among the members of the band and their managers, handlers and cronies, you would think no one would have made it beyond their mid-thirties, let alone Paul and Ringo being in their seventies. It was an eye opener and I will never look at the FAB FOUR the same way, despite the fact they were the most brilliant musicians, composers, lyricists, vocalists of the rock era, or any era. This book, not brilliantly written, but eminently readable, cannot change that. A fan must read.
Awesome book! I love non fiction but don't have a special interest in the Beatles. OMG, This book was so good. I could not stop reading it. I'm so glad I purchased this book. Obviously the Beatles have incredible talent and after reading this book I have an even better appreciation for the Beatles work and will look for more books about their life.
This book certainly doesn't whitewash anything. It portrays all the central characters in gritty detail, good and bad. Overly- opinionated in places; definitely outdated, and plain wrong in a couple of spots, but it's a more realistic view of the history of the Beatles than most other sources.
Add another Beatles book to my list! Great inside information. Not how I missed this one from 1983? Peter Brown does focus a lot on John and Yoko, I guess since they were the most tormented and needy and the other three don't get equal time in the book, but still it really puts you in the room many times. If you love the Beatles and you love the gossip that goes with them, this is for you!
Rolling Flipper
I have read a LOT of Beatles Bios, and this one is the best one I've read. Without being gossipy, this book gives real details on events that occurred. I give this book 5 stars plus!!!!
Interesting insights, but horribly converted to Kindle. The person who digitized this book did a terrible job. I lost count of how many times the name Beatles was spelled Beadies. And it's Sean Lennon, not Scan Lennon. That's just a tiny sample of the embarrassing errors.

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