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» » Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself
Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself


Alan Alda


Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself


Arts & Photography

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Random House Trade Paperbacks; Reprint edition (September 9, 2008)




Performing Arts



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Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself by Alan Alda

Picking up where his bestselling memoir Never Have Your Dog Stuffed left off–having been saved by emergency surgery after nearly dying on a mountaintop in Chile–beloved actor and acclaimed author Alan Alda offers an insightful and funny look at some impossible questions he’s asked himself over the years: What do I value? What, exactly, is the good life? (And what does that even mean?) Here, Alda listens in on things he’s heard himself saying at critical points in his life–from the turbulence of the sixties, to his first Broadway show, to the birth of his children, to the ache of September 11, and beyond. Reflecting on the transitions in his life and in all our lives, he notices that “doorways are where the truth is told,” and wonders if there’s one thing–art, activism, family, money, fame–that could lead to a “life of meaning.” In a book that is candid, wise, and as questioning as it is incisive, Alda amuses and moves us with his uniquely hilarious meditations on questions great and small.Praise for Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself“Engagingly thoughtful and thought-provoking . . . [Alan Alda] candidly shares many stories of his life, so easily and wittily you can hear him speak as you read.”–Sydney Sun Herald“Alda is chatty, easygoing and humble, rather like a Mr. Rogers for grownups. His words of inspiration would be a perfect gift for a college grad or for anyone facing major life changes.”–Publishers Weekly (starred review)“Smart, engaged, funny and observant.”–San Antonio Express-News
As good as "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed...etc.." - sorry, the full exact title escapes me right this moment. If you liked one you'll enjoy both. They are different though - so not just a case of 'more of the same'. I think it's great...kind of ironic that they've turned both books into audiobooks now too, because when you read Alan Alda's writing, you can hear him reading to you if you choose the audiobooks it will actually be his voice.
Whether or not you know who Alan Alda is, or what you may or may not think of his acting, this book is for those who just want to experience experience, and maybe gain some inspiration. This book certainly gave me that. I read his first book, "Never have your dog stuffed" and love it, but I think I loved this one more. Something about sharing in experiences and insight, especially "listening" to his speeches and thoughts on a variety of subjects, but the main subject is life. As he writes, "the meaning of life is life." I was caught by those words and went back a few pages, and saw where I actually highlighted a thought of his (I read the paperback copy) so I also dog-eared the page. "(1) find someone to laugh with. (2) find something to laugh at (yourself is always good) (3) keep moving". I was truly inspired by this read.
Who knew Alan Alda was a sensitive, profound writer? Not I. His books and his inherent expressed wisdom have truly impacted my life. He speaks of "getting inside the listener's head" when one is presenting; beseeches scientists to take a course on communication; and reminds doctors not to forget that their patients' "head bone is connected to their heart bone." I'm thrilled to say that in my work as a psychotherapist, he has taken my relational skills to another level.
I have a collection of several thousand audiobooks and this is among my top 10 very favorite of all time. It is an interesting and fun and informative listen from start to finish. I usually don't take the time to write a review but this is really fantastic and if you don't get to hear this one you will have missed one of the best audiobooks ever. Alan Alda is great and has insights into the world that everyone should be so lucky to hear. And even when he's just talking about his family you'll have fun, be interested and get something good out of it if you're not careful. If it's available buy two, there will be someone you'll want to loan this to and they may not want to give it back. Outstanding!
If anyone could ever be called a national treasure, I believe that it is Alan Alda who deserves the title. His second book, in which he reviews, analyzes and comments upon the speeches he's made, is a brilliant mixture of memoir, effective speaking how-to, philosophy, and academia. Being a writer and actor has allowed Alda to become both an expert on and an enthusiast of humanity and life. His book is not only deeply thought-provoking, enlightening, and heartening, but also full of truth (which is not the same thing as honesty). This is a book of the most brilliant, important advice for living. When I read a book, I like to dog-ear passages I like; looks like the whole thing is dog-eared. A brilliant, wonderful book on how to be a human being, reminds me of a philosophic Bill Bryson, and discusses the meaning of science, of work, of art, and even contains the meaning of life. And he's got it exactly right. Grade: A+
It made me ponder what I notice and value in life. It is an easy and quick read partially because it coaxes you think as you did as a very hung person or as a child and then analyze from that point of view.
I have watched Alan Alda on Scientific American Frontiers and I really like his personality, so I decided to check out his book. The book is really well written, and the author is a very smart, thoughtful, and witty. Much of the book is centered around different speeches that he made at college graduation ceremonies or other events, and the philosophical methodology and thought processes that he used to write the speeches.

Alan is also very passionate about his acting career, and much of the book is also about how he views acting as an art form, and his thoughts on the deeper meanings in the relationships between actors and their audiences. I have very little interest in the philosophy of acting, so these portions of the book were not very interesting to me and I found myself getting bored and skipping paragraphs or pages from time to time. If I had even the slightest interest in acting or theater, this book would have been very good.

If you have interest in acting, then you will probably like this book, but if not then I suggest finding something else to read. I still like Alan Alda, but I think I'll stick to just watching him on the Scientific American Frontiers show.
I read another of Alan Alda's biographies and was intrigued with his ideas, so bought this, but am not totally enamored with it. The book was in very good condition when it arrived. I wish it thrilled me like the first bio did, but it is more of his ideas rather than his life story. Oh well.

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