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» » The Women of Lockerbie - Acting Edition
The Women of Lockerbie - Acting Edition


Deborah Brevoort


The Women of Lockerbie - Acting Edition


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Dramatists Play Service, Inc. (January 1, 2006)




Performing Arts



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The Women of Lockerbie - Acting Edition by Deborah Brevoort

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A friend recommended this author to me, and since reading this script, I have read as many more of hers as I can get my hands on. This is a lovely piece, written in a poetic style that compliments the subject matter. Brevoort is a restrained and intelligent writer, and this is a fantastic piece for theatres looking for a female-centric script. By the end I was bawling. It's lovely. It's moving. It should be produced more. I also really recommend her "Signs of Life", though you may have to order it through the Samuel French catalogue, which is really the only other place I've been able to track down her scripts. They're more expensive than on Amazon, unfortunately.
I will be Assistant Stage Managing this play in a couple of weeks...and wanted to get a heads up on the play before auditions.
I had never heard of the play or the playwright; but I read the script twice. Interesting format the playwright used...done in a
Greek Chorus style. Interesting subject matter, also. It is going to be interesting to see how audiences react to this material, the bombing of the jet over Lockerbie, Scotland. The story isn't going to be for everyone, but it is worth telling and producing on the stage. Thanks
I haven't been to a performance of this play, but I read the script after my son was required to read it for a college course. I think Deborah Brevoort has done an outstanding job of making important statements about human suffering and healing. I don't think this play was intended to study terrorism, but makes deep resonating observations about loss and grief/suffering, which are universal. I think she also makes points about how we can be so entrenched in our own losses that we fail to recognize the suffering of others. The resolution in this work revolves around a type of unplanned sharing...acts of kindness which produce a type of solidarity and aid the healing of both the "givers" and the "receivers." I think there is a great perception on the part of the author regarding several aspects of human nature/the human psyche. In my (humble) opinion, there is a spiritual side to this play which is never overtly stated, but inherent in the choice of material and its treatment. Ms. Brevoort is to be commended. I personally think she could well have written a short story or novella and reached a wider audience. It must be a powerful play when it is performed well, but will probably never get the attention it deserves. Bravo, Ms. Brevoort, you get two thumbs up from me!
Good bok
This play knocked my socks off when I read it. So much so that it has been added to the 2014 season of my theater company. It's incredible.
Drama Book Store sells for more. New, no marks, etc. Good buy
Want to do this as a Reader's Theater.
hauntingly beautiful play full of strong leading ladies

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