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» » One Planet Communities: A real-life guide to sustainable living
One Planet Communities: A real-life guide to sustainable living


Pooran Desai


One Planet Communities: A real-life guide to sustainable living


Arts & Photography

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Wiley; 1 edition (December 21, 2009)







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One Planet Communities: A real-life guide to sustainable living by Pooran Desai

How can we create sustainable zero carbon communities cost-effectively at the same time as increasing the probability of people leading happy and healthy lives? Written from the perspective of practical experience gained from world-leading projects such as Beddington Zero fossil Energy Development (BedZED), One Brighton and Masdar City, this book provides a clear overview and simple insights for students, interested individuals and professionals in all areas of the property development and planning industries – including architecture, planning, engineering, surveying, development management, finance, legal, sales and marketing and estates management. It combines leading edge thinking with simple practical advice in this fast emerging field.

In the often confused realm of sustainable development, the book starts with the question of how to turn sustainability from an abstract concept into a clear framework on which to base practical design, development, long-term management and governance decisions. It describes One Planet Living, the approach which links the science of ecological footprinting to a simple framework of principles, and how the framework is being applied to create a coherent approach to projects in the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa, the Middle East, China and Australia, It also draws on other examples of best practice from around the world.

"Essential reading for the industry"—Khaled Awad, Director of Property Development, Masdar

"...gave us the framework to create a world-renowned sustainable community."—Brad Baker, President and CEO, Codding Enterprises, California

" a clear analytical direction to follow ... reads like a historical detective story."—David Nelson, Head of Design, Foster + Partners

I am grateful our prof. chose this book as required reading. It describes the positives and negatives of an attempt to have a smaller footprint on the world as individuals and community.
In "One Planet Communities: A real-life guide to sustainable living", Pooran Desai brings into one relatively compact space a wealth of information from which he assembles ten guiding principles for the design of sustainable developments. These principles are simple, but far-reaching; this really is a practical guide for community planners and large-project architects, with the guiding principles firmly rooted in on-the-ground realities, not abstract philosophy. Each chapter is crammed full of real-life examples which demonstrate the effectiveness and value of the principles espoused.

The target audience for this book is clearly the planning professional but the interested lay reader may still take much from this book, as the text is always readable and easy to follow, for all that the material presented is detailed and, in places, relatively dense. It even throws up some surprises along the way too.

Most importantly, though, Pooran Desai shows that designing for a sustainable future is neither hard nor expensive, provided the will is there, and is nothing like as unattainable as many developers would like us to believe. This little book should be compulsory reading for every planning official and architect everywhere.
One Planet Communities offers something that seems to be in very short supply - strong analysis of the problems we face, followed by well considered, wide ranging solutions that understand and deal with the holistic nature of the issues. Even more impressive is the fact that the author has put many of these solutions into practice himself (with the help of others) and provides honest feedback on the success or otherwise of these projects. Through this experience, the author has worked out that while the sustainability of individual projects is important, it is the systems and communities in which they operate that are really key to ensuring our future on this planet. In order to share his learnings in a way that can most help others, Pooran Desai has developed a framework for groups and communities that will help them develop patterns for working that fit within the one planet that we actually have to live on. The book is easy to read and contains great information in a format that enables its easy assimilation. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to create a positive place for themselves in the future.

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