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Charity Girl


Georgette Heyer


Charity Girl


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E P Dutton (June 1970)




History and Criticism



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Charity Girl by Georgette Heyer

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When Fate saddles Viscount Desford with a homeless waif in the engaging shape of Cherry Steane, who else should he turn to but his childhood playmate, Henrietta Silverdale? Although they refused to oblige their parents by marrying, they have always been best friends. But as Desford pursues Cherry's grandfather and father around the seedy fringes of society, Henrietta is forced to wonder if he might have fallen in love at last...
Heyer's novels vary all over the map as to how much "romance" there is or isn't in them; this one falls on the "less romance" side. There is a hero/heroine romantic relationship, but it is not the central focus. In this, one of her later novels, Heyer focused on the subsidiary characters (which I think were her greatest strength). I wouldn't give this one to someone who was trying Heyer for the first time, especially if they come from a romance-reading viewpoint, but I would give it to someone who likes social comedy and fine, precise writing.
Quite nice. I will admit that this conforms to my general wish that Heyer would go a little beyond the accepted proposal before books end (something I wish about other authors too at times!), and let her heroes have a weakness or two instead of being uniformly rich, handsome, socially gifted, good with horses/sports, and intelligent. But beyond that, I enjoyed the plotting, where the story took us and ended up, and the other characters she created (though one or two could have been fleshed out a bit more). It was nice to see how she paired up the couple at the end and to read about a lady who is comfortable being an "old maid" (in her late 20's) for the time being.
I love Georgette Heyer regency novels, but Charity Girl is not one of her best. There is too much running around, too many side characters that enter for just one scene, too many cant phrases to look up if you want to know what the meaning is. I much prefer The Grand Sophy or Frederica, among others.
As a huge fan of Georgette Heyer's romances, I am predisposed to like anything she's written. While Charity Girl may not be in the first ranks of her writings, it's still an enjoyable read with a lovely little twist to it. It may seem to strongly resemble Sprig Muslin, but keep on--it has its own charm! The heroine's mother, among other characters, is funny and exasperating without being annoying at all. The hero is a real hero, a warm, intelligent man with a great sense of humor. I'm keeping it--
Viscount Ashley Desford is handsome, good natured, fun loving and chivalrous. He's athletic, popular and well liked. Without having any romantic feelings towards Cherry Steane, he is determined to help her and enlists the aid of his best childhood friend, Henrietta. Along the way, he realizes his feelings for Henrietta go much deeper than friendship.

Daniel Philpot's narration is excellent! He also read Heyer's "The Unknown Ajax" and both books are favorites I've listened to multiple times.
Like Sprigged Muslin, this has GH's wit and carefully crafted characters but little romance. Here, in Charity Girl, the hero, a viscount and heir to a title, becomes entangled with a secondary character, the 'charity' case of the title, who is not his love interest. He spends much of his time apart from the one with whom he belongs in his effort to help this young girl, who was cursed with a louse of a father who's absconded to the continent years ago and is presumed dead. He feels honor bound to help her after he discovers her trying to escape life as an unpaid drudge in her tightwad, disapproving aunt's household. With this fateful decision, he becomes embroiled in the girl's circumstances, turns to his dear friend next door, chases all over England to find willing next of kin for her, and spends 90% of his time away from the gal he's clearly attached to but in denial.

It's a well-crafted story but, like Sprigged Muslin, isn't much of a romance. It's more a comedy of errors, with intrigues, lost relatives returning to raise a huckus over Cherry (Charity), and the viscount finally realizing that he loves his neighbor and loyal friend after a lot of roundaboutations.

I listened to the audiobook of this simply because Daniel Philpott read it, he of the extraordinarily wonderful reading of The Unknown Ajax. He does an admirable job here, too, though there are fewer opportunities to bring diverse characters to life than he had in Ajax. (His reading of The Unknown Ajax is a tour de force!) Sadly, here, it was the story itself that fell flat for me and even Mr. Philpott couldn't redeem it. At least with Sprigged Muslin, the secondary character is very funny while stealing the show. Charity is always on the verge of tears and a semi-ninny.
A wonderful romance from one of my favorite authors.... I am a bona fide Georgette Heyer fan and I absolutely love this book. The plot is trite, a Cinderella story for certain. The heroine is a poor maiden taken advantage of by family who are forced to take her in after her farther abandons her . The wealthy, handsome, charming hero who rescues her keeps us in suspense until the end of the book before he finally professes his love. If you like Cinderella stories, brew some tea, put a fire in the hearth, and grab this book... this will provide a relaxing afternoon of pleasant reading.
One of the other reviewers said that this could be called a regency road trip, and that is a great nickname for this book. It is great fun, and one of the aspects that I enjoyed was the way that Heyer's hero is able to bamboozle all of the characters who could cause disastrous consequences. Masterful heroes are always fun, and I admire Heyer's ability to make them three-dimensional characters who you root for throughout the book.

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