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» » A New Tune A Day: Violin: [Book 1] (A New Tune a Day)
A New Tune A Day: Violin: [Book 1] (A New Tune a Day)


Sarah Pope


A New Tune A Day: Violin: [Book 1] (A New Tune a Day)


Arts & Photography

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Wise Publications (September 1, 2005)







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A New Tune A Day: Violin: [Book 1] (A New Tune a Day) by Sarah Pope

My issues are specific to the kindle edition. I use Kindle for PC on my Microsoft Surface Pro, which I like to use as a book on my music stand. Not in Kindle, however. The pictures in this book are rendered far too small, and there is no way to enlarge them. You can enlarge text, but that doesn't affect pictures. I cannot even enlarge one image at a time, which I hear, although far from desirable, is possible on some devices. I cannot download this book in any other format, or even read it in the "cloud" reader.
Finally, and this is even more frustrating, but I cannot hear any of the included music. It reads "There is audio content at this place that can be played only on supported Kindle devices and reader applications", but I see no way to play it even though I am in a Kindle reader application. If your own app is unsupported, why not declare this in advance?
I have nothing to say about the book's content because obviously I have not been able to get to it.
This is utterly disappointing, Amazon - I could zoom pictures on my computer and listen to audio 20 years ago.
A beginners violin book with CD is the way to go, especially if you don't or can't find an instructor. This book has the same simple tunes and drills most beginners books have, The CD lets you hear the tunes, and that is a help. It only took me 2 weeks to get through the book. Not that everything doesn't need a lot more practice yet, but I found the ABCs of Violin a much better book. Even Mel Bay's First Lessons book with DVD will get you up and going faster.
This is not a bad book, I just found that it wasn't needed with already having the ABCs of Violin and have bought the books with CDs and DVDs in that series now, 1-4.
Easy to follow, recommended by university level professor. A novice like me can follow this.
I like this book for teaching private lessons. It has duets for the teacher and the notes are big and easy to read with plenty of white space. Some of the other orchestra books cram so much on one page, it is difficult to read. I wish buying it without the CD was an option to save costs. Most of my students don't listen to the CD. I wish they would, but they don't. Perhaps CD players are just not as accessible as they were a few years ago.
The book was recommended by my instructor. It is a good beginners book. It takes you step by step through the learning process.
Popular text, I like it.
I think this is a good book the only problem I saw is that the instructions on how to tune was little to none. I did not know it at first but tuning a violin is harder than I thought, and it took a bit of internet research to figure it out. It is a good instructional book, but lacks the detailed tuning instructions, and I still don't think my violin is tuned correctly. lol
Just got this book in the mail and I'm sort of on the fence about it - I'm working on Suzuki Book 2 & 3 with an instructor and this book is not much of a challenge. This book has a ton of short little tunes and the CD in the book is great. I don't think I'll buy a book any more without an accompanying CD - such a great idea. You just can't learn songs without hearing them first. The tunes are very easy and very short but they are probably a good way to familiarize yourself with tunes that you might want to play as well as scales (great fingering diagrams). The tunes are short. Really short. And the tunes are super easy. I think I could have played all of them when I was an absolute beginner. Anyway. I wish I would have bought it when I was a very beginner. Would have been good variety. Consider it if you are looking for some variety in easy beginning songs.

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