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» » Hollywood Creative Directory, 60th Edition
Hollywood Creative Directory, 60th Edition


Hollywood Creative Directory Staff


Hollywood Creative Directory, 60th Edition


Arts & Photography

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Hollywood Creative Directories; 60 edition (May 29, 2007)




Performing Arts



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Hollywood Creative Directory, 60th Edition by Hollywood Creative Directory Staff

For 20 years, the Hollywood Creative Directory has been the authoritative, easy-to-use source for finding entertainment professionals. It’s like a gigantic Hollywood phone book, packed with names, numbers, addresses, and current titles of executives from film and television. Production companies, studios, television networks, and cable channels are listed with their preferred genres, selected credits, projects in development, and deals. A separate section contains the network, primetime, and major cable TV shows currently in production, along with staff and contact information. Comprehensive and up-to-the-minute (it’s published three times a year), the directory is used by studios, directors, producers, writers, actors, aspiring filmmakers, students, college and university libraries, researchers--everyone who needs reliable entertainment-industry information right at their fingertips.
If you're going to be a part of Hollywood then you've got to have
the Hollywood Creative Directory and know who does what in the
entertainment industry. It's filled with valuable information
you can arm yourself with as you seek to find those who will help you
in any capacity from finding your next job, producing your next
movie, or to narrow down whose tush you need to kiss next. It's a
must-have for your library. To your passion and success, Lena
Banks [...]
Great & complete, up-to-date book! Very useful! It served it's purpose and I will purchase the new addition soon. Loved it!
Did not have contact for music suervisors or music editors
greed style
Okay, take it from an insider (I was an agent in Hollywood for 11 years), this is THE book agents and producers and directors and industry execs look at everyday to get the numbers to call who they need to call. It is updated quarterly and you bet people buy the latest edition as it comes out. And WOW, it's now available for the public to buy?? That is a huge little known secret. If you've been lucky enough to happen up this and you have a script to sell or you're wanting to know where to write producers, directors, execs and even some movie stars who have production companies that look no further than this manual! It is an understantment to say it is definitely worth the price.

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